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2018 President’s Report


This President attended the NGC Conventions in Richman VA and Philadelphia PA, the Fall Board Meeting in St Louis MO, the Rocky Mountain Region in Jamestown ND and the 2017 NDSGC State Conventions in Casselton ND and Jamestown ND.

This past year we lost one club, Green Thumb Garden Club, due to aging membership.

This past year Pat and I visited the Carrington Garden Club during their monthly meeting and visited with the President of the Bismarck/Mandan club.  They both have an interest in joining NGC/NDSGC but at this time no action has taken place.

Perhaps the highlight of the year was nominating Jack Wood, co-founder of Growing Together for the NGC Award of Excellence.  Jack and his wife, Becky, were at the NGC Convention in Philadelphia to accept this award.  He made us proud as gardeners of what he and his program are doing in North Dakota. 

We were again disappointed that no one applied for the NGC Scholarship this past year.  We hope that the information shared by RMR Director Jackie Watts will help find a great candidate next year.

Our clubs are working hard to grow their clubs and are all very active in their community projects.

With the clubs of the Rocky Mountain Region, we are discussing the need for group liability insurance.  This discussion will continue among the eight states. 

We continue to work with the Social Media options in the State.  I have been most grateful for the support of Amy Leonard and Linda Anderson in helping set up Facebook and Websites for the state.  We would like to encourage all our members as well as the Club Presidents to submit articles and photos to these women.  Our Peace Gardener also will be available as YOU submit articles for it.  That is not the task of the editor – it is your role in its continuation.

We continue to support the RMR Director, Jackie Watts’ Project of planting for Pollinators as evidenced by our program at the state meeting on Bees by Bees @ Work who shared info on the plants that work for them to eliminate any chemicals and treat the hives and bees naturally.  Information was shared to assist clubs in entering the Regional Award of Excellence Project.


Les Westgard, President


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