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Fargo Garden Society

The Fargo Garden Society installed new officers October 24, 2017



Newly elected officers - left to right - President, Mary Greterman; Vice President, Rosa Rogers; Secretary, Jackie Cox and Treasurer, Bill Schmitt

Outgoing President, Char Maas conducting installation ceremony.  Assisted by Beth Rogness.


Board members -Ronda Skramstad, Pat Newgard, Pat Simons, Carol Fairchild, President, Mary Greterman, VP, Rosa Rogers, Secretary, Jackie Cox and Treasurer, Bill Schmitt


On Saturday June 24 our club journeyed to Grand Forks via bus for the Grand Forks Horticultural Society Garden Tour and shopping at three garden centers.  Thirty members and guests attended.  Our first stop was at Wagner's Landscape and Nursery in East Gand Forks.  Roger Wagner entertained and informed us about recent gardening experiences he has been undertaking.  We were given the opportunity to fill a large box (which usually held strawberries) with assorted annuals for $20.  The bay of the bus quickly began to fill up.  Our next stop was at the plant sale sponsored by the Horticultural Society as well as taking in the peony show.  Two yard tours were experienced prior to lunch and three more following lunch.  Between tours we shopped at All Seasons Nursery where annuals were buy one, get one free and an additional 10% discount on purchases not on sale.  Next stop was at Shea's Nursery where several members found flowers they had been looking for.  We completed our day by visiting  the Grape Mill Vineyard and Winery which is the only vineyard and winery in Polk County and the furthest north in Minnesota.  Wine was sampled and purchased.  A good time was had by all and much appreciation goes to Margaret Rundlett-Doom for planning and organizing this event.

Margaret, chair of this event and her seat-mate on the bus, Jannine Whartnaby

Our bus of 30 members and guests

Roger Wagner, owner of Wagner's Nursery which was our first stop.  Notice the welcome sign.  We were also treated to coffee, cookies and bars

This is the first yard we visited which was owned by the president of the Grand Forks Horticultural Society.  Beth Rogness, Barb Rawlings and two members/guests checking out the plantings.    

Margaret and her sister checking out plants at Shea's nursery


Submitted by Char Maas

President, Fargo Garden Society



Fargo Garden Society


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