N orth Dakota State Garden Clubs

Town & Country Garden Club

Town & Country Garden Club has been mostly weeding and planting in the Mini-Park.  Plus planning ahead for the 50th Anniversary.

We had a good turnout in May for the seed tape class.  Many have had success with it and passed the word.  Not only does it work good, it gives you something to do when that Spring fever sets in and it’s still too early to start planting.

In June we had a class on the Mason Bee Houses by Megan and we also constructed our very own bee house to have in our garden. This also brought in some new people interested in learning.

July will be mainly a social meeting with doing the centerpieces for the RMR meeting.  Since we will not be having our flower show, we are hoping to paint pallets for yard art display also that month.

The State Convention went very well.  Les, you did a great job!

Meigan’s  Pollinators  Garden presentation was very informative with lots of ideas.

Thank you Good Neighbors Garden Club for a very interesting day with the tours, program, green thumb table, take home favors and the excellent noon luncheon.

Thank you also to Pat for all your work on the Peace Gardener and thanks to Amy for stepping up to take on the job.

Looking forward to the RMR meeting.  It’s a full summer!

Nikki, reporting.