North Dakota State Garden Clubs

Sheyenne Valley Garden Club, Valley City

May: The May 15th program includeed a short presentation by each of the five members who had travelled to Fergus Falls for the West Ottertail Garden Day.  The activity portion of the meeting was a plant exchange hosted by Coni Horsager. 

May 16th, nine members travelled to various greenhouses in Minnesota.

May 17th four SVGC members attended the planting of a tree for Arbor Day in memory of Louise Anderson within Chautauqua Park, Valley City. 

May 30th, a number of members met and planted two flower beds at the Veterans’ Park and various beds at the Eagles grounds where our monthly meetings and the July Flower Show are held. 

As listed in the previous Peace Gardener, the 33rd SVGC Flower Show will be hosted by the SVGC on Monday July 17th at the Eagles Club in (east) Valley City.  Entries will be received from 8:00 am to 11:00 am with the public showing running from 4:00-7:00 pm. Sharon has a PDF copy of the Flower Show Schedule.  Please contact Sharon if you would like a digital copy of the schedule: e-mail =

Sharon travelled to Casselton to attend the NDSGC Meeting June 3rd.  The Green Thumb Garden Club did an excellent job of hosting the state meeting.  Les Westgard conducted each part of the board and state meeting with his usual intelligent and efficient abilities.  President Les provided the national theme for 2017-2018: “Plant America as We Grow Our Community”.  Donna Myers announced there were 23 members and 1 guest in attendance.  Terry Kroke made a motion to have President Les oversee the website setup with the url being: .  Meigan Cameron gave a very informative presentation on pollinator gardens “Bee-utiful Landscapes: Building a Pollinator Garden”.  

The SVGC would like to acknowledge the many years of service by Pat Westgard as the editor of the Peace Gardener.  Thank you for your dedicated service Pat.  Thank you too to Amy Leonard for accepting the newly opened position of editor of the Peace Gardener.

June:  The SVGC met June 19th at the home of Darlene Mueller for a silent auction and potluck dinner (photo below).

July: Looking ahead:  The 33rd SVGC Flower Show will be hosted by the SVGC on Monday July 17th at the Eagles Club in (east) Valley City. 

Respectfully submitted
Sharon McCarriar, SVGC President