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RMR Director's Award

“Plant your American Dream,

Mind your Footprints,

and Gather the Friendships

Award of Excellence Project for Regions
NGC Award #25

Sandra Dennis, Project Chairman

The 2017-2019 Rocky Mountain Region Garden Club Project will be for people (individual or entire clubs) to plant pollinator friendly landscapes using  native plants, take pictures, and write an article giving the name of the plants, their origins, what pollinators they will attract and why they selected it.  Also, I would like to know how they are going to share their plants/seeds with their friends and/or garden club members.  I realize that native in one area will not be native in another.  Please keep in mind plants that will flourish with little water, disease resistant and most important – not invasive to your area.  A lot of clubs have themes in their yearbooks on native plants, and I think this would be a good project for entire clubs or like I said above, individuals to expand on.

I need to find someone to chair and follow up.  Let me know if you might be interested!
Basically each state needs to show participation from each club.  (% of membership participation)
Les Westgard, President


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​2018 State meeting in Jamestown, June 9th.


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